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Enough Already

The republic did not dissolve last night. We had a vote, and the majority ruled. Moreover, by the yardstick currently in vogue, we became “socialist” as early as the 1930s or as late as the 1960s. I remember communism and totalitarianism. I spent a long time studying them. Using such terms to describe American politicians cheapens the suffering of people who lived and often died under such systems. Unless and until you are willing to cast the least of your brothers and sisters into the street to die without medical attention, you have bought into “socialism,” American style. If you are not personally prepared to pull that plug, to watch people die without medical intervention, make peace with the fact that you will pay a tax to provide universal health care, either in the form of higher insurance premiums to pay for emergency room care, or in the form of government subsidies to help people buy insurance. Pick your poison.

While we’re on the subject, how did the move to take the country to war in Iraq, and subsequently to fund that war off-budget for years, elude all of us who are now so concerned about the deficit?


The Great Consolidation

I keep seeing indications that emerging technologies and business models could save me money and simplify my life. Since these are two of my top objectives for the new year, I’m going to give it a go, but I need a decent place to track my efforts. My initial research tells me that there are tradeoffs that require me to dust off my GRE test prep books, and I’ve already spotted some serious pitfalls. I’m going to keep track of my work here in the spirit of using the most elegant tools I know of.