This I Believe

I’m turning 45, so it’s a good time to take stock. Some mid-life conclusions based on my experience and the wisdom of my beloved friends:

We all need unconditional love. Nobody wants to be fixed, and chances are you can’t change another person anyway, so if you’re going to be with someone, love them as they are.

Even if nobody else loves us unconditionally, God does. God is not sending you to hell, so don’t fear it. Fear only brings more fear. God knows what you’re going to do wrong and loves you because of it. God made you, and you are good. An excellent quote that captures this spirit, apparently by John Harrigan: People need loving the most when they deserve it the least. If we wish to do God’s will, we could start in that spirit.

A corollary to this last point is that God forgives you for all you’ve done wrong. He didn’t send his son to feel the pain and loneliness we face in our mortality to lord it over us. The trick is forgiving yourself, which can be even harder than forgiving others.

Most of the great religious traditions tell us to live for today. There’s a reason for that. Today is enough, if you are brave enough to embrace it. And as the great Don Geronimo says, tomorrow is promised to no one.

Most of the great religious traditions ask us to be compassionate. There’s a reason for that. Compassion solves every problem. Every problem.

  1. AMEN! Happy, Happy Birthday! Thanks for sharing your wisdom 🙂 (Anniepooh from

      • loungecreature
      • January 27th, 2009

      Thanks very much!

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